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We provide a lifting service for when large or heavy and awkward items need to be lifted in or out of buildings, private and commercial. When items will not go through conventional doorways or stairwells then it may be possible to get them through a window or over a balcony. In some cases a window may need to be removed temporarily.

This can be a fast, efficient and safer way to get single or multiple items in or out or buildings, additionally there are many health and safety benefits from moving items such as sofa's and fridges via the external elevator as it reduces the chances of injury to persons carrying these heavy and awkward items, also damage to the items being moved or damage to the internal decor of the building.

Reduced Damage

By hoisting your furniture externally you reduce the chances of potential damage to internal walls, doors and stairwells.

First Class

Quality service from an industry recognised service provider.

Save Time

Because large items can be moved quickly in bulk the time taken to finish your project could potentially be halved.

Reduced Costs

By using an external lift you reduce the need for excessive man hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can be carried on the lifting platform?

A. Virtually anything, as long as it does not exceed 400kg in weight & is not too big for the platform. Sofa's, wardrobes, large American type refridgerators, kitchen work tops, cookers/ovens, bathroom suites, air conditioning units, solar panel's and water tanks are just some of the items we have succesfully lifted.

Q. What is the maximum height that can be reached?

A. 25 Metres or 80 feet if elevator is parked close to building.

Q. What is the maximum payload?

A. 400 KG or 880 LB.

Q. Where must the elevator be positioned?

A. The elevator must be positioned directly below the window or balcony on the same vertical line so that the elevator ladder can rest squarely against the building , window sill or balcony.

Q. Parking restrictions?

A. Parking tickets & parking suspensions are the responsibility of the hirer as are any local authority permits.

Q. Which area's are covered?

A. London & the home counties mainly , but please enquire for lifts further away.

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Van Mounted Hoist
  • Ideal for most applications
  • 25 metre reach
  • 400 kg max payload
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Portable Hoist
  • Ideal for non vehicular access
  • Suitable for the rear or side of buildings
  • 200 kg max payload
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Please contact Paul

Phone: 020 7101 3462
Mobile: 07836-226462

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